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List Data Resources



Lists all AWS S3 bucket resources for your onboarded cloud account(s). The response indicates the amount of data eligible for sensitive data scans, malware scans, or both based on the supported file types and file size.



    resources object[]

    List of storage resources

  • Array [
  • accountId stringrequired

    Account number

    accountName string

    Account name

    assetId string

    Unified Asset Id

    cloudType string

    Cloud type

    configurationStatus object

    Resource Configuration Status

    code int32

    Configuration Status Code

    isKMSEncrypted boolean

    KMS Encryption Enabled

    message string[]

    Status message

    isConfigurable boolean

    Configurable status

    lastEstimate int64

    Size updated on

    redlockAccountId int32

    Prisma Cloud account ID

    resourceName stringrequired

    Resource name

    resourceRrn string

    Resource RRN to link to resource page

    scanOption int32

    Scan option exposure only, all

    scanStatus boolean

    Scan status

    scanType int32

    Scan type

    serviceName stringrequired

    Service name

    storageSize object

    Storage size

    dssAndWildfireEligibleSize int64

    Total size eligible for both Data Security scan and Wildfire

    dssEligibleSize int64

    Total size eligible for Data Security scan

    isInventoryConfigured boolean

    Status of inventory configuration for current bucket. true = inventory configured

    isScanComplete boolean

    Status of size estimation. true = scan complete

    sensitiveEligiblePubliclyExposed int64

    Total size for publicly exposed files eligible for DSS scan

    size int64

    Total size

    wildfireEligibleSize int64

    Total size eligible for Wildfire

  • ]
  • sizeReportingFrequency string

    Frequency of the s3 inventory configuration

    totalRecords int32

    Total resources