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Update Data Profile


This endpoint has been deprecated and may be removed in future versions of the API.

Updates a data profile.

Path Parameters
    profileId string required

    Data profile ID

Request Body
    dataPatternsRule1 object

    DataProfile Rules

    dataPatternRules object[]

    Pattern rules

  • Array [
  • confidencLevel string

    Confidence level

    detectionTechnique string

    Detection technique

    id string

    Pattern id

    matchType string

    Match type

    name string

    Pattern name

    occurrenceCount int32

    Occurrence count

    occurrenceHigh int32

    High Occurrence value

    occurrenceLow int32

    Low Occurrence value

    occurrenceOperatorType string

    Occurrence type

    supportedConfidenceLevels string[]

    List of supported confidence levels

  • ]
  • operatorType string

    Pattern operator type

    description string

    Profile description

    id int32

    Profile id (required during update

    name string required

    Profile name

    profileStatus string required

    Profile status

    profileType string required

    Profile Type (custom or system)

    status string required


    types string required

    Type (basic or advance)



    detail string

    Exception details

    message string

    API response

    name string

    Exception name