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Asset Inventory

The Asset Inventory APIs provide up-to-date information of all cloud assets that you are monitoring through Prisma Cloud. You can request inventory data, list available filters to narrow inventory requests, and manage saved filters.


You can limit the number of items in a response list from API resources that support pagination. The API requests to list asset inventory, that supports pagination will accept the following request parameters.

Request ParameterDescription
limitMaximum number of items to return per page. Without pagination, maximum number of items to return in a response.
offsetNumber of items to skip before selecting items to return. Default is zero.
pageTokenSet to the nextPageToken value from the previous response object to return the next page of data.


API requests that use POST methods to request a list of asset inventory have filter parameters that enable you to narrow your request to inventory that meets a certain criteria. The List Inventory Filters V2 requests return the available filters.