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Prisma Cloud identity and access management (IAM) security provides:

  • VisiblityQuery all relevant IAM entities
  • GonvernanceMonitor your cloud environment for overly-used permissions
  • ResponseAutomatically remediate permissions

The IAM security endpoints enable you to investigate IAM data programmatically.

For more information, see Primsa Cloud IAM Security . If you are upgraded to the Darwin release, see [Primsa Cloud IAM Security]

Error Handling

Like other Prisma Cloud public API requests, the IAM security API requests return standard HTTP response codes. Unlike most other CSPM API error handling, IAM security API error responses do not include an x-redlock-status in the response header.


You can control the number of items in a response for endpoints that support pagination. Use request parameter limit to control the maximum number of items in a response. If the response includes data.nextPageToken, use data.nextPageToken as the request parameter pageToken in a request for the next page of data.

The following table summarizes the request parameters for pagination:

Request ParameterDescription
limitMaximum number of items to return in a page.
pageTokenUse the data.nextPageToken value from the previous response object to return the next page of data.