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Query DB for sites (v4.10)



Query the DB for limit number of sites that match query parameters.


Path Parameters

    tenant_id stringrequired

    ID of the tenant.


Query Details for the site

    aggregate Aggregate

    The aggregate number of sites that match the query parameters.

    data AggregateData[]

    The details of the aggregate data.

  • Array [
  • value number

    Value of the aggregate data.

    view object

    View the aggregate date.

  • ]
  • field string

    Field (ref.doc.key:0:Aggregate.field)

    name string

    The name of the query response.

    operator string

    Possible values: [max, count, min, avg, sum]

    Operator (ref.doc.key:0:Aggregate.operator)

    statistic string

    QoS application aggregate statistics.

    unit string

    The unit.

    dest_page int32

    The destination page.

    getDeleted boolean

    The number sites deleted for a time frame.

    group_by string[]

    Group By

    id string

    List the sites by ID.

    last_query_ts int64

    Return the ID of a specified query in the current session.

    limit int32

    The query limit.

    next_query object

    The limit.

    query_params object
    retrieved_fields string[]

    Retrieve information from a field.

    retrieved_fields_mask boolean

    List the fields to query.

    sort_params object
    total_count int64

    The total number of query parameters.


Successful Operation

    count int32

    The actual count.

    deleted_count int64

    The deleted number.

    deleted_ids string[]

    The deleted IDs.


    Description of the query. Max size = 256.

    id string

    The ID.

    next_query object

    Details of the next query.

    tenant_id string

    The tenant ID.

    total_count int64

    Total number.

    items SiteQueryFilterV4N10[]
  • Array [
  • address Address

    The address of the site.

    city string

    The name of the city. Max size = 100.

    country string

    The name of the country. Max size = 100.

    post_code string

    The postal code. Max size = 100.

    state string

    The name of the state. Max size = 100.

    street string

    The name of the street. Max size = 100.

    street2 string

    The name of the street. Max size = 100.

    admin_state stringrequired

    The site mode of operation, can be in one of three states: Active - the site is in Control mode and network policy is applied. Monitor - the site is in Analytics mode, no network policy is applied. Disabled: the site is disabled.

    branch_gateway boolean

    Branch gateway enabled or not.


    Description for the site (Max size = 1024).

    element_cluster_role stringrequired

    This attribute describes the type i.e. SPOKE or HUB.

    extended_tags ExtendedTag[]

    Extended tags allow operators to add more information into the site object. Current extended tags allow for additional configuration related to Prisma Access and ZScaler to be added.

  • Array [
  • key string


    value string


    value_type string

    Value Type

  • ]
  • id string

    The ID.

    location Location

    The geographical cordinates for the site address.


    The decsription of the location.

    latitude float

    The latitude of the location. Max range = 90.

    longitude float

    The longitude of the location. Max range = 180.

    multicast_peer_group_id string

    The multicast peer group ID.

    name stringrequired

    The site name (Max size = 128).

    nat_policysetstack_id string

    ID for the NAT Policyset Stack. Can be retrieved using natpolicysetstack API.

    network_policysetstack_id string

    ID for the Path Policyset Stack. Can be retrieved using networkpolicysetstack API.

    perfmgmt_policysetstack_id string

    ID for the Performance Policyset Stack.

    policy_set_id string

    The ID for the Original Network Policy Set. Can be retrieved using policysets API.

    prefer_lan_default_over_wan_default_route boolean

    Prefer Lan Default Over Wan Default Route

    priority_policysetstack_id string

    ID for the QoS Policyset Stack. Can be retrieved using prioritypolicysetstack API.

    security_policyset_id string

    The ID for the Original Security Policy Set. Can be retrieved using securitypolicysets API.

    security_policysetstack_id string

    ID for the Security Policyset Stack. Can be retrieved using ngfwpolicysetstack API.

    service_binding string

    Bind a site to a set of domains. Can be retrieved using sericebindingmaps API.

    tags string[]

    A information field that can be added to identify the site.

    vrf_context_profile_id string

    The VRF (Virtual Routing and Forwarding) profile ID.

  • ]