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Get Hub Cluster Status (v4.0)

Get the state of the hub cluster.

Path Parameters
    tenant_id string required

    The tenant ID.

    site_id string required

    ID of the site. More details on the site can be retrieved by querying the sites API.

    id string required

    ID of the hub cluster.


Successful operation

    cluster_state string

    Possible values: [cluster_update_in_progress, cluster_update_completed, vpn_update_in_progress, vpn_update_ack_pending]

    The cluster state.

    elements HubClusterStateElement[]

    Details of the elements in the cluster.

  • Array [
  • hubClusterElementNumber string

    Possible values: [FIRST, SECOND, THIRD]

    HubClusterElementNumber: JsonIgnore(value = true)

    hub_element_id string

    Hub Element Id

    locked boolean


    peer_sites string[]

    Peer Sites

  • ]
  • id string

    The ID of the cluster.

    vpns_added int32

    The number of vpns added to the cluster.

    vpns_deleted int32

    The number of vpns deleted in the cluster.