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Get Hub Cluster Members (v3.0)

List all the hub cluster members.

Path Parameters
  • tenant_id string required

    The tenant ID.

  • site_id string required

    ID of the site. More details on the site can be retrieved by querying the sites API.

  • hub_cluster_id string required

    ID of the hub cluster.


Successful Operation

  • count int32

    The count of the query list.

  • deleted_count int64

    The deleted number of queries.

  • deleted_ids string[]

    The deleted query IDs.

  • description

    Description of the query. Max size = 256.

  • id string

    The ID.

  • next_query object

    Details of the next query.

  • tenant_id string
  • total_count int64

    Total number of queries.

  • items HubClusterMemberScreen[]
  • Array [
  • headend1_site_ids string[]

    Headend1 Site Ids

  • headend2_site_ids string[]

    Headend2 Site Ids

  • hub_element_id string

    Hub Element Id

  • id string


  • load_factors LoadFactor[]

    Load Factors

  • Array [
  • alarm_threshold int32

    Alarm Threshold

  • allocated int64


  • subscription_factor double

    Subscription Factor

  • threshold ThresholdConfig


  • critical_alarm int32

    Critical Alarm

  • major_alarm int32

    Major Alarm

  • subscription_factor double

    Subscription Factor

  • type string

    Possible values: [forwarding-capacity, flow]


  • ]
  • ]