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Get Zoom participants



Retrieves meetings in a given timerange, typically for a single user (identified by email). This API is not an aggregation, hence there is no response-type. The only response is a list of meetings.


Query Parameters

    start int64

    Possible values: <= 2147483648

    The start time of the time range for which you want to retrieve the metrics. Specify in UNIX_TIMESTAMP_SECONDS, for example 1646252520

    end int64

    Possible values: <= 2147483648

    The end time of the time range for which you want to retrieve the metrics. Specify in UNIX_TIMESTAMP_SECONDS, for example 1646263320

    timerange string

    Timerange over which you want to retrieve metrics, provided in readable format:


    The responses are aggregated over a sample period which is a function of the time interval requested, such that the granularity decreases with increasing interval. See About Autonomous DEM API Timerange Parameter for details.

    truncate-timerange boolean

    Default value: true

    filter string

    Selects which fields to include in the query. Must use the format fieldvalue.
    The following operators are supported: >=, <=, ==, !=, >, < See About Autonomous DEM API Filter Parameter for details.

Header Parameters

    Prisma-Tenant stringrequired

    Used to specify a specific tenant.

    Prisma-SubTenant string

    This is an optional parameter. Specifies a sub-tenant of the Prisma-Tenant, if any.


Return a list of Zoom participants

    accountId string

    participant account id

    actualDuration number

    actual meeting duration, seconds

    agentUuid string

    user agent UUID

    asInternalIpAddress string

    as internal IP address

    asInternalIpPort string

    as internal IP port

    audioInternalIpAddress string

    audio internal IP address

    audioInternalIpPort string

    audio internal IP port

    camera string

    camera e.g. HD User Facing

    dataCenter string

    data center

    destinationIpDomain string

    destination IP domain

    destinationIpPort string

    destination IP port

    device string

    computer type e.g. Windoze, Mac

    domain string

    domain name

    duration number

    meeting duration, seconds

    email stringrequired

    participant email address

    eventTime number
    eventTimeEpoch number
    harddiskId string

    computer disk name

    joinTime string

    user join time, timestamp

    leaveTime string

    user leave time, timestamp

    location string

    computer location e.g. Sydney(AU)

    macAddress string

    computer MAC address

    meetingHostId string

    meeting host ID

    meetingId string

    meeting ID

    meetingUuid stringrequired

    meeting UUID (hex representation of base64 encoded binary field) e.g. be16a46bf68f44ddacd8cb671e5faa84

    microphone string

    microphone e.g. Microphone Array (Realtek(R) Audio)

    networkType string

    network type e.g Wired, Other

    pcName string

    computer name

    recordId string

    participant record id

    score number

    meeting score

    signalingInternalIpAddress string

    signaling internal IP address

    signalingInternalIpPort string

    signaling internal IP port

    speaker string

    speaker e.g. Speakers (Realtek(R) Audio)

    startTime string

    meeting start time, timestamp

    subTenantId string

    subtenant ID

    tenantId string

    tenant ID

    tenantServiceGroup string

    tenant service group

    timezone string

    meeting timezone

    topic string

    meeting topic

    userId string

    user ID

    userName string

    user name

    version string

    software version e.g.

    videoInternalIpAddress string

    video internal IP address

    videoInternalIpPort string

    video internal IP port