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Version: 1.0

Autonomous DEM API

This Open API spec file represents the APIs available for Palo Alto Networks Autonomous DEM. This API provides access to the Autonomous Digital Experience Management timeseries data. All responses are aggregates over a period of time specified by the start, end, or timerange query parameters. The aggregrate used for each field will depend on the field type. For simple numerical types, for example application score, the aggregate will typically be an average (for example, scores or metrics). In some cases, it may be a maximum, minimum, or sum. For string fields, it may be a comma separated concatenation of distinct values in the sample period.

These APIs use the common SASE authentication mechanism and base URL. See the Prisma SASE API Get Started guide for more information.

This Open API spec file was created on July 17, 2023. To check for a more recent version of this file, see Autonomous DEM APIs on

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