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Delete IPFIX Config (v2.0)



Delete the IPFIX config.


Path Parameters

    site_id stringrequired

    ID of the site.

    element_id stringrequired

    ID of the element.

    ipfix_id stringrequired

    ID of the IPFIX.


Successful Operation

    collector_config CollectorConfig[]

    Collectors define the third-party applications which consume the exported flow records. Maximum 4 collectors can be configured.

  • Array [
  • host string

    The IPv4 address or the FQDN Schema (domain name) of the IPFIX collector.

    host_port int32

    The port number that matches the port on which the collector is configured to receive IPFIX records.

    ipfixcollectorcontext_id string

    The ID of the IPFIX collector context. The device uses the IP address of the interface to which the collector context is bound as the source interface to export IPFIX flow records.

    max_message_size int32

    Max Message Size

    protocol string

    Possible values: [tcp, udp]

    The protocol type of the collector's config.

  • ]
  • description

    The description of the IPFIX profile configuration.

    export_cache_timeout integer

    Export Cache Timeout specifies the time for which the ION device should cache a new flow record before exporting it. Value must be within 10 and 600 seconds.The default value is 30 seconds.

    filters IPFixFilter[]

    The filters configured to select a subset of flows from all the observed flows to export to a collector. Maximum of 8 filters per IPFIX profile.

  • Array [
  • app_def_ids string[]

    The IDs of the applications that filter flow records.

    dst_ports Port[]

    The destination port ranges, if applicable, for TCP and UDP protocols.

  • Array [
  • end string

    The end port range must be between 1 and 65535.

    start string

    The start port range must be between 1 and 65535.

  • ]
  • dst_prefixes_id string

    The destination prefix ID.

    ipfixfiltercontext_ids string[]

    The ID of the IPFIX filter context that maps to an interface on the ION device.

    priority_traffic_types string[]

    Possible values: [P1_Video, P1_Audio, P1_Xact, P1_Bulk, P2_Video, P2_Audio, P2_Xact, P2_Bulk, P3_Video, P3_Audio, P3_Xact, P3_Bulk, P4_Video, P4_Audio, P4_Xact, P4_Bulk]

    The types of priority traffic for the IPFIX config.

    protocols string[]

    Possible values: [tcp, udp, ospf, ipv6, is-is-over-ipv4, ipv6-nonxt, etherip, ipv6-icmp, igmp, udplite, ipv6-opts, icmp, esp, crtp, ipip, eigrp, egp, gre, l2tpv3, sctp, ip-in-ip, rsvp, pim, scps, mpls-in-ip, ah, vrrp, ipv6-route, igp, ipv6-frag]

    The possible protocols types for the IPFIX config.

    rtp_transport_type string

    Possible values: [audio, video]

    The value of the RTP transport identifier is Prisma SD-WAN specific and is identified from the flow.

    src_ports Port[]

    The source port for the flow.

  • Array [
  • end string

    The end port range must be between 1 and 65535.

    start string

    The start port range must be between 1 and 65535.

  • ]
  • src_prefixes_id string

    The source prefix IDs.

    wan_path_direction string

    Possible values: [lan_to_wan, wan_to_lan]

    The diection of the WAN path.

  • ]
  • id string

    The ID.

    ipfixprofile_id stringrequired

    The IPFIX profile configuration ID.

    ipfixtemplate_id string

    The IPFIX template ID.

    name stringrequired

    The IPFIX profile name.

    sampler IPFixSampler

    Subset of flows to export from all the observed flows. The device forwards this subset to the filtering process to perform further selection if filters are configured.

    algorithm string

    Possible values: [time_based, none]

    A time-based algorithm to configure the duration for sampling.

    time_interval integer

    The length of the sampling interval during which flows are selected. The default value is 5 ms.

    time_spacing integer

    The spacing between the end of one sampling interval and the start of the next sampling interval. The default value is 5 ms.

    tags string[]

    A information field that can be added to identify the IPFIX config. Maximum 10 unique tags of length 1024 each are allowed.