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Reference Architectures: VM-Series on GCP


Palo Alto Networks VM-Series Reference Architectures in GCP, deployed entirely by Terraform.

Reference Architectures offer organizations a validated, reliable, and scalable solution for securing their cloud environments. These reference architectures provide proven best practices and guidelines for deploying VM-Series firewalls in various GCP configurations, ensuring optimal security and performance.

By leveraging Terraform, organizations can easily automate the deployment and management of VM-Series instances, enabling rapid provisioning and consistent enforcement of security policies. This integration of Palo Alto Networks VM-Series with Terraform simplifies the process of deploying and maintaining robust security infrastructure in GCP, allowing organizations to focus on their core business objectives while ensuring their cloud workloads remain protected.

Each Reference Architecture built with Terraform leverages Terraform Modules offered by Palo Alto Networks to build and deploy the architecture. The Terraform Modules can also be used directly to customize the architecture.

How to deploy

Reference Architectures include a guide to deploying the solution, including a detailed architectural diagram, and a list of variables that you can use to customize the deployment to your needs.

For more detailed information about the architecture itself, each guide links to the comprehensive Reference Architecture document published by Palo Alto Networks, or you can read more about the many published Palo Alto Networks Reference Architectures.

Reference Architectures