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Commit Overview

As of right now, Terraform does not provide native support for commits, so commits are handled out-of-band. Refer to this issue for more information.

Please refer to the specific commit guides depending on what type of commit you need to perform. You'll want to save the source code something obvious that matches it's functionality, such as firewall-commit.go.

Compile the source code and put it somewhere in your $PATH (such as $HOME/bin):

$ go get
$ go build firewall-commit.go
$ mv firewall-commit ~/bin
$ firewall-commit -h

Finally, you can invoke this binary after terraform apply or terraform destroy:

$ terraform apply && firewall-commit -config fwauth.json 'My commit comment'

The first trailing CLI arg is the commit comment. If there is no CLI arg present then no commit comment is given to PAN-OS.

The authentication credentials can be given multiple ways, and if all are present then this is the order, from highest to lowest priority:


Providing authentication credentials via CLI argument is insecure and is not recommended.

  1. CLI arguments
  2. Environment variables
  3. JSON authentication credential file

Refer to the panos provider argument reference documentation for more information on the JSON config file and the environment variables that are used.