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Terraform for Cloud NGFW

Cloud NGFW can be deployed and configured with Terraform, allowing configuration to be defined and managed as code, facilitating automated operations.

  • Cloud NGFW for AWS is using a dedicated Terraform provider

  • Cloud NGFW for Azure is leveraging the existing Azurerm provider

Provider Reference

The reference guide for the AWS Cloud NGFW Terraform Provider can be found here. This provides the listing of resources and data sources, with their parameters, valid inputs and types, and examples of correct usage.

The reference guide for the Azure Terraform Provider can be found here. The provider supports Local Rulestack and Cloud NGFW resources with their underlying constructs and parameters. The reference includes examples of correct usage.


The Terraform provider for Cloud NGFW for AWS are free and open-source software, released under the Apache License 2.0, and source code can be found on GitHub.

The Terraform provider for Azure is developed by Hashcorp for Microsoft under MPL 2.0 license, and source code can be found on GitHub


This solution is released under an as-is, best effort, support policy. This solution should be seen as community supported and Palo Alto Networks will contribute our expertise as and when possible. We do not provide technical support or help in using or troubleshooting the components of this solution through our normal support options such as Palo Alto Networks support teams, or ASC (Authorized Support Centers) partners and backline support options. The underlying products used by the solution are still supported, but the support is only for the product functionality and not for help in deploying or using the solution itself.

Community support can be found within the relevant section of the Palo Alto Networks Live Community.