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Palo Alto Networks as Code with Terraform

Hashicorp's Terraform is widely used to build and deploy infrastructure, safely and efficiently, with high levels of automation and integration.

Technology Partner of The Year

The New Cloud Operating Model - White Paper

Scale and secure your cloud operations with HashiCorp and Palo Alto Networks. This new white paper lays out the advantages and considerations for people, processes, and tools.

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Technology Partner of The Year

Hashicorp Technology Partner of The Year

The Technology Partner Awards celebrate HashiCorp technology partners who have expanded ecosystem solutions for customers through new integrations, co-engineered solutions, and participated in joint marketing initiatives.

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Terraform Providers from Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks develops Terraform providers which are freely available to assist anyone who wants to deploy and configure their security stack as code, alongside the rest of their infrastructure.


Define and manage your network security configuration as code, including Panorama, PA-Series, VM-Series and CN-Series.

Cloud NGFWv2.0.1

Deploy and manage NGFW functionality, delivered as a cloud-native service within your public cloud tenants, using Terraform.

Prisma Cloudv1.3.2

Configure your cloud-native security with Prisma Cloud using Terraform, facilitating automated cloud security operations.

Prisma Cloud Computev0.7.0

Define your cloud workload protection suing Terraform, to protect your host, container and serverless deployments in any cloud.


Automate your security engineering by identifying and remediating misconfigurations and vulnerabilities, across code, secrets and images, all defined with Terraform.

Terraform Modules from Palo Alto Networks

Terraform Reusable Modules for VM-Series on AWSv0.4.1

A set of modules for using Palo Alto Networks VM-Series firewalls to provide control and protection to your applications running in Amazon Web Services (AWS). It deploys VM-Series as virtual machine instances and it configures aspects such as Transit Gateway connectivity, VPCs, IAM access, Panorama virtual machine instances, and more.

Consul-Terraform-Sync Modules for PAN-OSv0.1.0

This Terraform module allows users to support Dynamic Firewalling by integrating Consul with Palo Alto Networks PAN-OS based PA-Series and VM-Series NGFW devices to dynamically manage the Address Objects based on service definition in Consul catalog. In addition, this module also manages dynamic registration/de-registration of Dynamic Address Group (DAG) tags based on services in Consul catalog.

Use Cases

Looking for inspiration, or just not sure where to start? Here are some common use cases where organizations have used Terraform to deploy, configure and maintain their security stack using Terraform.