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Get Support

Setup and configuration

See Installation and Getting Data Into Splunk for guidance to get things up and running.

Troubleshooting an issue?

See the Troubleshooting Guide for common problems and solutions.

Need more help? Have questions?

Splunk Answers: Splunk reps, App developers, and customers all here to answer your questions. Search a wealth of common questions and issues about the Palo Alto Networks App/Add-on, or ask your own question.

App Discussion: Ask a question on GitHub Discussions for direct access to the App developers and contributors. There are fewer Splunk reps and customers in this community, so it's most helpful for questions or discussion about how the App/Add-on works, or how Splunk works with Palo Alto Networks products.

Found a bug or need a feature?

Open an issue on GitHub to request or track changes to the App/Add-on.
We welcome your feedback!