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Prisma SD-WAN Legacy API Get Started

The legacy Prisma SD-WAN APIs allow you to authenticate with an auth token that you retrieve using the login API, or you can use a static auth token that you retrieve using the Prisma SD-WAN Controller User Interface.

Obtain an Auth Token Using the Login API

To retrieve an auth token using the Login API, call: POST /v2.0/api/login

with a JSON request body that includes the following fields:

  • email -- The email address associated with the account that you want to log in using.
  • password -- account's password.

Upon a successful response, extract the x_auth_token value from the JSON response. This is your auth token.

Note: A successful authentication response might also contain a key called api_endpoint. If this key/value pair is present in the response, subsequent API requests should be directed to that endpoint. This key/value pair provides the endpoint for the controller in the region where your tenant resides.

Obtain a Static Auth Token

To obtain a static auth token:

  1. Log into the Prisma SD-WAN Web Interface.
  2. Navigate to System > Access Management > Site Access > Auth Tokens and Create Auth Token

The web interace's response includes your static auth token.

API Calls

To make an API call using the legacy Prisma SD-WAN APIs, include your auth token on your request's x-auth-token header.

All API calls should be made using a base URL of https://api.<region>, where <region> is the controller region in which your tenant is hosted.