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Get Flows Information (v3.9)



List all the flows information.



Filter for flows

    debug_level string

    Possible values: [summary, tcp-flags, traffic, all]

    The values of the debug levels.

    end_time date

    The end time to get the flows information.

    filter FlowsFilterV3N9

    Filters according to the specifications.

    app string[]

    Filter by app.

    element string[]

    Filter by element.

    flow FlowTupple

    Filter by flows information.

    destination_ip string[]

    Filter by destination IP address.

    destination_port integer[]

    Filter by destination port.

    protocol integer

    Filter by protocol.

    source_ip string[]

    Filter by source IP address.

    source_port integer[]

    Filter by source port.

    flow_type string

    Possible values: [local, wan, all]

    Filter by flows type.

    ip_protocol string

    Ip Protocol

    path string[]

    Filter by path.

    path_type string[]

    Possible values: [public_direct, public_vpn, private_direct, private_vpn, unknown, servicelink]

    Filter by path.

    security_policy_destination_zone string[]

    Filter by security policy destination zone.

    security_policy_rule string[]

    Filter by security policy rule.

    security_policy_rule_action string

    Possible values: [allow, deny, reject]

    Filter by policy rule action.

    security_policy_source_zone string[]

    Filter by security policy source zone.

    site string[]

    Filter by site.

    user_name string[]

    User Name

    vrf string[]


    waninterface string[]

    Filter by waninterface.

    max_datapoints integer

    The max data points.

    name string

    The description of the flow. Maz size = 128.

    start_time date

    The start time to get the flow information.

    view FlowsView

    The summary of the flow views.

    summary boolean



Successful Operation

    flows Flows


    debug_level string

    The values of the debug levels.

    end_time string

    The end time to get the flows information.

    items FlowSummary[]

    The flow summary information.

  • Array [
  • app_id string

    App Id

    bytes_c2s int64

    Bytes C2s

    bytes_s2c int64

    Bytes S2c

    destination_ip string

    Destination Ip

    destination_port integer

    Destination Port

    fc_app_id string

    Fc App Id

    flow_action string

    Flow Action

    flow_direction string

    Flow Direction

    flow_end_time_ms int64

    Flow End Time Ms

    flow_start_time_ms int64

    Flow Start Time Ms

    is_local_traffic boolean

    Is Local Traffic

    is_v6 boolean

    Is V6

    lan_to_wan boolean

    Lan To Wan

    network_policy_id string

    Network Policy Id

    network_policy_set_id string

    Network Policy Set Id

    packets_c2s int64

    Packets C2s

    packets_s2c int64

    Packets S2c

    path_id string

    Path Id

    path_id_w2w_egress string

    Path Id W2w Egress

    path_type string

    Path Type

    path_type_w2w_egress string

    Path Type W2w Egress

    policy_id string

    Policy Id

    priority_policy_id string

    Priority Policy Id

    priority_policy_set_id string

    Priority Policy Set Id

    protocol integer


    sec_policy_actions string[]

    Sec Policy Actions

    service_endpoint_id string

    Service Endpoint Id

    source_ip string

    Source Ip

    source_port integer

    Source Port

    unknown_domain string

    Unknown Domain

    user_name string

    User Name

    vrf_id string

    Vrf Id

  • ]
  • start_time string

    The start time to get the flow information.