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Query Object Stats (v2.1)

Query all the object statistics.

Request Body

Details of object stats query

  • end_time date required

    The end time of the object stats query.

  • filter ObjectStatsFilter required

    Filters according to the specifications.

  • element string[]

    The object stats query element.

  • site string[]

    The object stats query site.

  • name string required

    The name of the object stats. Maz size = 128.

  • object_id string required

    The object ID.

  • object_type string required

    Possible values: [PeerStatistics, IntfStatistics, CellularModuleStatistics, CellularAPNStatistics, MulticastStatistics, SecurityPolicyRule, IntfPoEStatistics, IntfLLDPStatistics, IntfAAAStatistics, IntfSTPStatistics, STPStatistics, PoEStatistics, AppSummaryStats]

    The object type.

  • start_time date required

    The start time of the object stats query.


Successful Operation

  • data object required