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Query DB for Tenant Level Probe Configs (v2.0)



Query the DB for the limit number of tenant level probe configs that match query parameters.


Path Parameters

    tenant_id stringrequired

    The tenant ID.


Query Details for ProbeConfig

    aggregate Aggregate

    The aggregate number of probe configs that match the query parameters.

    data AggregateData[]

    The details of the aggregate data.

  • Array [
  • value number

    Value of the aggregate data.

    view object

    View the aggregate date.

  • ]
  • field string

    Field (ref.doc.key:0:Aggregate.field)

    name string

    The name of the query response.

    operator string

    Possible values: [max, count, min, avg, sum]

    Operator (ref.doc.key:0:Aggregate.operator)

    statistic string

    QoS application aggregate statistics.

    unit string

    The unit.

    dest_page int32

    The destination page.

    getDeleted boolean

    The number probe configs deleted for a time frame.

    group_by string[]

    Group the probe configs for the query.

    id string

    List the probe configs by ID.

    last_query_ts int64

    Return the ID of a specified query in the current session.

    limit int32

    The query limit.

    next_query object

    The limit.

    query_params object
    retrieved_fields string[]

    Retrieve information from a field.

    retrieved_fields_mask boolean

    List the fields to query.

    sort_params object
    total_count int64

    The total number of query parameters.


Successful Operation

    count int32

    The actual count.

    deleted_count int64

    The deleted number.

    deleted_ids string[]

    The deleted IDs.


    Description of the query. Max size = 256.

    id string

    The ID.

    next_query object

    Details of the next query.

    tenant_id string

    The tenant ID.

    total_count int64

    Total number.

    items ProbeConfigQueryFilter[]
  • Array [
  • description

    The description of the probe configuration. Max size = 256.

    enabled boolean

    The probe configuration based on rules that are enabled.

    endpoints ProbeEndpoint[]required

    Info on the probe endpoint configurations.

  • Array [
  • allow_insecure_https_connection boolean

    Allow insecure HTTPS connections. True or False.

    dns_server_ip string

    The DNS server IP address.

    fqdn string

    The FQDN for the probe configuration.

    http_response_codes integer[]

    The HTTP response codes.

    http_response_string string

    The HTTP response string.

    ipv4_address string

    The IPv4 address for the probe configuration.

    path_types string[]

    Possible values: [vpn, direct, servicelink, all]

    The probe path type selected = Direct, Prisma SD-WAN VPN, and Direct VPN.

    probe_count int32

    The probe count value which is a multiple of the probe cycle duration; multiples of 1, 2, and 3.

    probe_cycle_duration int32

    Probe cycle duration in minutes or seconds.

    protocol string

    Possible values: [http, https, icmp, dns]

    The selected protocol = HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, and ICMP.

  • ]
  • id string

    The probe config ID.

    name stringrequired

    The probe config name. Max size = 128.

    tags string[]

    An information field that can be added to identify the probe config. Maximum 10 unique tags of length 1024 each are allowed.

  • ]