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Get Anynet Link (v3.4)



Get the anynet link.


Path Parameters

    tenant_id stringrequired

    ID of the tenant.

    anynet_id stringrequired

    The anynet ID.


Successful Operation

    admin_up boolean

    The interface admin state.

    anynet_link_id string

    The anynet link ID..

    cost int32



    The anynet link description. Max size = 256.

    elem_interface_id string

    The element interface ID.

    element_id string

    The element ID.

    id string

    The ID.

    in_use boolean

    In Use

    name string

    The anynet link name. Max size = 128.

    network string


    path_id string

    Path Id

    sep_id string

    Sep Id

    sep_name string

    Sep Name

    source_circuit_name string

    The name of the source circuit.

    source_elem_if_id string

    The source element ID.

    source_node_id string

    The source node ID.

    source_site_name string

    The source site name.

    source_wan_if_id string

    The source WAN ID.

    source_wan_network string

    The source WAN network.

    source_wan_nw_id string

    The The source WAN network ID.

    status string

    The status of the link.

    sub_type string

    Sub Type

    tags string[]

    A information field that can be added to identify the anynet link. Maximum 10 unique tags of length 1024 each are allowed.

    target_circuit_name string

    The target circuit name.

    target_elem_if_id string

    The target element ID.

    target_node_id string

    The target node ID.

    target_serviceendpoint_id string

    Target Serviceendpoint Id

    target_serviceendpoint_name string

    Target Serviceendpoint Name

    target_site_name string

    The target site name.

    target_wan_if_id string

    The target WAN ID.

    target_wan_network string

    The target WAN network.

    target_wan_nw_id string

    The The target WAN network ID.

    tenant_id string

    The active user tenant ID.

    type string

    Anynet link type.

    vpnlink_configuration VPNLinkConfiguration

    The configuration of the VPN link.

    keep_alive_failure_count integerrequired

    The VPN keep alive failure count (must be between 3 and 30).

    keep_alive_interval integerrequired

    The VPN keep alive timeout interval (must be between 100ms-1740,000ms).

    vpnlinks string[]

    The VPN links info.

    wan_if_id string

    The WAN ID.

    wan_nw_id string

    The WAN network ID.

    wan_nw_name string

    The WAN network name.