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Get all Application Definitions (v2.6)



Lists all the application definitions.


Path Parameters

    tenant_id stringrequired

    The tenant ID.


Successful Operation

    count int32

    The total number.

    id string

    The ID.

    type string

    The type.

    items AppDefV2N6[]
  • Array [
  • abbreviation string

    Abbreviation of the application name. Abbreviation must not exceed 5 characters.=

    aggregate_flows boolean

    The aggregate flows.

    app_type stringrequired

    Type of application. Allowed values: custom. System defined applications are not allowed to be edited using appdefs.

    app_unreachability_detection boolean

    Application unreachability detection.

    category string

    Possible values: [anonymity, anti-virus, auth, backup, cad, collaboration, conference, crm, db-mgmt, email, enterprise, file-sharing, file-system, file-transfer, gaming, intercomm, logging, management, messaging, net-discovery, net-mgmt, net-monitor, news-server, notification, p2p, printing, proxy, recreational, remote-desk, remote-mgmt, replication, routing, saas, secure-browsing, storage, streaming, tunnel, utility, voip, wan-opt, web-browsing, wireless-mgmt, ip-protocol, multicast, security, i23v5, printer, default]

    The application category.

    conn_idle_timeout int32

    Connection Idle Timeout. Application connection timeout should be between 0-44000.


    Description for the application. Max size = 256.

    display_name stringrequired

    This is the name of the application that is visible on the Controller UI. Application display name is required and cannot be null. Max size = 64.

    domains string[]

    Applicable for layer 7 applications. List of application domains. Maximum 16 valid domains are allowed and each domain should not exceed 253 characters.

    id string

    Application ID.

    ingress_traffic_pct int32required

    The app def ingress traffic. Application ingress traffic percentage should be in between 1-99.

    ip_rules object[]

    Applicable for L3/L4 applications. These are IP Prefix rules used to identify the application viz protocol, dscp, source & destination prefixes and source & destination prefixes.

    is_deprecated boolean

    Deprecated application definitions.

    network_scan_application boolean

    If true, it enables Network Scan App to designate custom applications as network scan applications.

    order_number int32

    The app config order number. Order number should be between 1-65535.

    overrides_allowed boolean

    If true, this enables an update to be added using the appdef_overrides API.

    p_category string

    Parent app category.

    p_parent_id string

    P Parent Id

    p_sub_category string

    Parent app sub-category.

    parent_id string

    Parent app ID.

    path_affinity stringrequired

    Possible values: [none, weak, strict]

    This parameter defines the path affinity characteristics to consider during flow decision making. Allowed values: "none" "weak" "strict". If path affinity is none or weak and a better path is available, flows will be moved to a new path. If path affinity is strict, all application flows will continue on the same path.

    session_timeout int32

    Application session timeout should be in between 0-44000.

    supported_engines string

    Possible values: [ave, ave-all, panos, all, panos-ml7]

    Supported engines.

    system_app_overridden boolean

    If true, it indicates the an application override has been added.

    tags string[]

    A information field that can be added to identify the application. Maximum 10 Unique tags of length 1024 each are allowed.

    tcp_rules string[]

    For TCP applications, this dictionary will include information on client & server prefix filters, server & client ports, DCSP settings.

    transfer_type stringrequired

    Application transfer type. Allowed values: transactional, bulk, rt-audio, rt-video.

    udp_rules object[]

    For UDP applications, this dictionary will include information on UDP port, DCSP settings, UDP Filters and destination prefixes.

    use_parentapp_network_policy boolean

    If enabled, policy rule defined for the parent application will be used to make routing decisions for this app.

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