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Get Specific Multicast Dynamic RP (v2.0)



List a specific the multicast dynamic RP.


Path Parameters

    tenant_id stringrequired

    The tenant ID.

    site_id stringrequired

    The site ID.

    element_id stringrequired

    The element ID.

    id stringrequired

    The multicast dynamic RP ID.


Successful Operation

    dynamic_rps DynamicRp[]

    Details of the multicast dynamic RPs. Max size = 16.

  • Array [
  • groups Group[]

    The list of multicast group addresses that the RP serves.

  • Array [
  • ipv4_prefix string

    The IPv4 prefix of the for the multicast.

    is_active_rp boolean

    The Active RP for the multicast.

  • ]
  • ipv4_address string

    The multicast group IPv4 addresses to which the RP caters.

    type string

    The type of dynamic RP. BSR—Indicates that the RP is learnt dynamically via BSM.

  • ]
  • id string

    The multicast dynamic RP ID.