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Get Element Events (v2.0)



Get element events.


Path Parameters

    tenant_id stringrequired

    ID of the tenant.

    site_id stringrequired

    The site ID.

    element_id stringrequired

    The element ID.


Successful Operation

    events BaseEventState[]

    The details of the events occurred.

  • Array [
  • event_code string

    The event code.

    event_id string

    The event ID.

    id string


    priority int32

    The priority set for the event.

    standing boolean

    The standing event. True or False.

    suppressed boolean

    The events are suppressed. True or False.

    suppressed_info SuppressedInfo

    The information on the suppressed events.

    root_cause_event_ids string[]

    The event IDs of the root causes.

    suppressed_time date

    The suppressed event time.

    timestamp int64

    The time stamp of the event.

  • ]
  • id string

    The element ID.

    name string

    The name of the element.

    role string

    Possible values: [NONE, HUB, SPOKE, PA_WE_BR, PA_WE_DC, PA_CONN]

    The element role.

    spoke_cluster_status string

    Possible values: [init, active, backup, unknown]

    The spoke cluster status.