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Get Cellular Module Firmware Configuration Status (v2.0)



Get the cellular module firmware configuration status.


Path Parameters

    tenant_id stringrequired

    ID of the tenant.

    machine_id stringrequired

    The ID of the device.

    cellular_module_id stringrequired

    ID of the cellular module.


Successful Operation

    download_interval integer

    The firmware download interval. Valid download interval must be provided along with a valid download time.

    id string

    The ID of the cellular module firmware.

    image_states CellularModuleFirmwareUpgradeImageState[]

    List the image states.

  • Array [
  • current_carrier string

    Current Carrier

    current_fw_version string

    Current Fw Version

    current_pri_version string

    Current Pri Version

    download_percent integer

    Download Percent

    download_start string

    Download Start

    status string


    status_info string

    Status Info

    upgrade_carrier string

    Upgrade Carrier

    upgrade_fw_version string

    Upgrade Fw Version

    upgrade_location string

    Upgrade Location

    upgrade_pri_version string

    Upgrade Pri Version

    upgrade_start string

    Upgrade Start

  • ]
  • last_state_change string

    Lists the last state change of the firmware.

    scheduled_download string

    The scheduled download of the firmware.

    scheduled_upgrade string

    The scheduled upgrade of the firmware.

    upgrade_interval integer

    The upgrade interval of the firmware. Valid upgrade interval must be provided along with a valid upgrade time.