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Get DNS Service Profile (v2.0)



List a DNS service profile.


Path Parameters

    tenant_id stringrequired

    ID of the tenant.

    dnsservice_role_id stringrequired

    ID of the DNS service profile.


Successful Operation

    authoritative_config AuthoritativeConfig

    The configuration details of the authoritative DNS server where all the queries will try to resolve without forwarding it to external servers.

    caa_records CaaRecord[]

    List of valid CAA records. CAA record is a type of DNS record used to provide additional confirmation for the Certification Authority (CA) when validating an SSL certificate.

  • Array [
  • flags stringrequired

    The CAA record flags.

    name stringrequired

    The CAA record name. Max size = 128.

    tag stringrequired

    An information field that can be added to identify the CCA record.

    value stringrequired

    The value of the CAA record. Max size = 256.

  • ]
  • cname_records CnameRecords[]

    List of valid cname records.

  • Array [
  • name string[]required

    The unique name of the CAA record.

    target stringrequired

    The CAA name record traget. Max size = 128.

    ttl integer

    The TTL range of the CAA record.

  • ]
  • dns_resource_records DnsResourceRecords[]

    The list of valid DNS resource records.

  • Array [
  • hex_data string

    The value of the DNS record is given by the hex data. Max size = 128.

    name stringrequired

    The unique name of the DNS resource record. Max size = 128.

    rr_number integerrequired

    The DNS resource record number.

  • ]
  • host_records HostRecord[]

    The list of valid DNS host records.

  • Array [
  • domain_names string[]required

    The list of configured host record domain names.

    ipv4_address string

    The IPv4 address for the host.

    ipv6_address string

    The IPv6 address for the host.

    ttl integer

    The ttl range of the host record.

  • ]
  • mx_host_records MxHostRecord[]

    The details of the MX host records.

  • Array [
  • hostname stringrequired

    The MX host name. Max size = 128.

    mx_name stringrequired

    The MX name. Max size = 128.

    preference int32

    The preference of the MX host record.

  • ]
  • naptr_records NaptrRecords[]

    The details of the naptr records.

  • Array [
  • flags stringrequired

    The naptr record flags.

    name stringrequired

    The naptr record name.

    order integerrequired

    The valid order of the naptr record.

    preference integerrequired

    The valid naptr prefernce range.

    regexp string

    The regexp to match DNS host name or IP address. Max size = 256.

    replacement string

    The valid replacement value of the naptr record. Max size = 256.

    service string

    The service value of the naptr record. Max size = 256.

  • ]
  • peers string[]

    List of the valid IP addresses of the DNS service profiles.

    ptr_records PtrRecords[]

    The details of the DNS PTR records. DNS PTR record is used for reverse DNS lookups, and it matches domain names with IP addresses.

  • Array [
  • name stringrequired

    The name of the DNS ptr record. Max size = 128.

    target string

    The ptr record target value. Max size = 256.

  • ]
  • secondary_servers string[]

    he secondary server details of the DNS profile.

    servers Server[]

    The DNS profile server details.

  • Array [
  • dnsservicerole_id string

    The ID of the DNS service role.

    domain_name stringrequired

    The domain name of the auth servers.

  • ]
  • soa SOA[]

    The start of authority (SOA) record which includes administrative information on the zone, as defined by the domain name system (DNS).

  • Array [
  • expiry integer

    The expiry range.

    host_master string

    Host Master

    refresh integer

    The refresh value.

    retry integer

    The retry value.

    serial_number integerrequired

    The SOA auth config serial number.

  • ]
  • srv_hosts SrvHost[]

    The SRV record specifies a host and port for specific services. It includes a port alongwith the IP address.

  • Array [
  • domain_name string

    The SRV host domain name.

    port integer

    The SRV host port.

    priority integer

    The SRV host priority.

    protocol stringrequired

    The SRV host protocol.

    service stringrequired

    The SRV host service.

    target integer

    The SRV host target.

    weight integer

    The SRV host weight.

  • ]
  • synth_domains SynthDomain[]

    Lists the details of the DNS syth domains.

  • Array [
  • domain stringrequired

    The synth domain name.

    end_ipaddress string

    The synth domain end IP address.

    ipaddress_prefix string

    The synth domain IP address prefix.

    prefix string

    The synth domain prefex.

    start_ipaddress string

    The synth doamin start IP address.

  • ]
  • ttl integer

    The ttl range.

    txt_records TxtRecord[]

    Lists the details of DNS TXT records.

  • Array [
  • domain_name stringrequired

    The TXT record domain name. Max size = 128.

    texts string[]

    The text length of the TXT record.

  • ]
  • zones Zone[]

    List the details of the authoritative zones.

  • Array [
  • domain_name stringrequired

    The authoritative config zone domain name.

    exclude_prefix string[]

    The exclude prefix of the authoritative config domain.

    include_prefix string[]

    The inlcude prefix of the authoritative config domain.

  • ]
  • cache_config CacheConfig

    Lists details of the cache configuration.

    cache_size int32

    The cache size.

    disable_negative_caching boolean

    If the option disable negative caching option is disabled.

    max_cache_ttl integer

    The max cache ttl range.

    min_cache_ttl int32

    The min cacahe ttl range.

    negative_cache_ttl integer

    The negative cache ttl range.


    The description of the DNS profiles.

    disabled boolean

    Lists if the DNS profile is disabled.

    disabled_reason string

    Reason the DNS profile is disabled. Max size = 5000.

    dns_forward_config DnsForwardConfigrequired

    Lists details of the DNS forward requests configuration.

    dns_servers DnsServers[]required

    Details of the DNS severs.

  • Array [
  • dnsserver_ip stringrequired

    The DNS server IP address.

    dnsserver_port integer

    The DNS server port.

    domain_names string[]

    The DNS server domain names.

    forward_dnsservicerole_id string

    The DNS forward service role ID. Max size = 20.

    ip_prefix string

    The DNS server IP prefix.

    source_port integer

    The DNS server source port.

  • ]
  • max_source_port integer

    The DNS service max source port.

    min_source_port int32

    The DNS service min source port.

    send_to_all_dns_servers boolean

    If the option es enabled to send to all DNS servers.

    dns_queries_metadata DnsQueriesMetadata

    Lists the DNS queries parameters that append the client metadata to the DNS query as it is sent to the upstream DNS server.

    add_client_mac ClientMac

    The client MAC address of the requestor to DNS queries which are forwarded upstream.

    mac_encoding_format stringrequired

    Possible values: [base64, hexadecimal]

    The MAC encoding format.

    add_customer_premises_equipment CustomerPremisesEquipment

    The element ID, text, or element name is added based on the DNS query configuration.

    identifier_text string

    The custom string added to the DNS query.

    type stringrequired

    Possible values: [text, element_id, element_name]

    The customer premises equipment type.

    add_subnets Subnet[]

    The subnet ID is added for the DNS query.

  • Array [
  • ipv4_address string

    The IPv4 address for the add subnet.

    ipv4_prefix_length int32required

    The prefix lenth of the IP4 address of the add subnet.

    ipv6_address string

    The IPv6 address for the add subnet.

    ipv6_prefix_length int32required

    The prefix lenth of the IPv6 address of the add subnet.

  • ]
  • dns_rebind_config DnsRebindConfig

    The details of the DNS rebind configuration.

    enable_localhost_rebind boolean

    Enable localhost rebind.

    rebind_domains string[]

    The DNS rebind domain list.

    stop_dns_rebind_privateip boolean

    Stop the DNS rebind private IP.

    dns_response_overrides DnsResponseOverrides

    The details of the DNS response overrides.

    aliases Alias[]

    Details of the DNS alias record. This record points your domain name to a hostname instead of an IP address.

  • Array [
  • mask int32

    Alias mask - Allowed range = 0-32.

    original_end_ip string

    The alias original end IP address.

    original_ip string

    The alias originap IP address.

    original_start_ip string

    The alias original start IP address.

    replace_ip stringrequired

    The alias replace IP address.

  • ]
  • bogus_nx_domains string[]

    The IP addresses that can be identified as Bogus NX Domains.

    disable_private_ip_lookups boolean

    Option to disable private IP lookups.

    ignore_ip_addresses string[]

    Ignore the IP addresses.

    local_ttl integer

    The local TTL value.

    max_ttl integer

    The max TTL value.

    dnssec_config DnsSecConfig

    The DNS secondary server configuration details.

    disable_dnssec_timecheck boolean

    If DNSSEC time check is disabled.

    dns_check_unsigned boolean

    If the DNS check is unsigned.

    enabled boolean

    The DNSSEC is enabled.

    trust_anchors TrustAnchor[]

    Details on the trust anchors.

  • Array [
  • class string

    The class of the trust anchor.

    domain string

    The domain of the trust anchor.

    key_digest KeyDigest

    The key digest details of the trust anchor.

    algorithm integer

    If key digest algorithm of the trust anchor. Max = 255.

    digest string

    The key digest config. Max = 256.

    digest_type integer

    The trust anchor key digest type. Max = 255.

    key_tag integer

    The trust anchor key tag.

  • ]
  • domains_to_addresses DomainsToAddress[]

    The unique domain to address mapping and the IP address.

  • Array [
  • domain_names string[]

    The domain name.

    ipv4_address string

    The IPv4 address for the domain to address mapping.

    ipv6_address string

    The IPv6 address for the domain to address mapping.

  • ]
  • edns_packet_max int32

    The EDNS packets size. The default size is 4096.

    enable_dns_loop_detection boolean

    If DNS loop detection is enabled.

    enable_dnssec_proxy boolean

    If DNS second proxy is enabled.

    enable_strict_domain_name boolean

    If DNS strict domain name is enabled.

    id string

    The ID.

    inactive boolean

    If the DNS profile is inactive.

    inactive_reason string

    Reason the DNS profile is inactive. Max size = 5000.

    listen_dnsservicerole_id string

    The ID mapped to the interfaces which are used for listening.

    listen_port int32

    The port where the DNS is listening to the DNS queries.

    name stringrequired

    The DNS profile name.

    region string


    tags string[]

    An information field that can be added to identify the DNS profile.

    tenant_id stringrequired

    The tenant ID.