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Delete User Identity (v2.0)

Delete an user identity.

Path Parameters
    tenant_id string required

    The tenant ID.

    user_id string required

    The user ID.


Successful Operation

    disabled boolean

    List the users in a disabled state.

    disabled_reason string

    List the reason for the disabled state.

    first_name string

    The first name of the user. Max size = 100.

    id string

    The ID.

    inactive boolean

    Lists if the user is inactive.

    inactive_reason string

    Reason the user is inactive.

    last_name string

    The last name of the user.

    middle_name string

    The middle name of the user.

    region string

    The region.

    tenant_id string required

    Tenant Id: NotNull Digits(fraction = 0, integer = 20, TENANT_ID_INVALID_0001)

    user_dn string

    The user dn.

    user_fqn string

    The user fqn.