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Get Service Label List (v2.1)



List all the service labels.



Successful Operation

    count int32

    The number of responses.

    id string

    The ID of the response.

    items ServiceLabelV2N1[]
  • Array [
  • description

    The description of the service label. Max size = 256.

    id string

    The ID of the service label.

    name stringrequired

    The name of the service label. Max size = 128.

    sase_properties SaseServiceLabelProperties

    The sase service label properties.

    active_sase_label boolean

    The active sase service label.

    tags string[]

    A information field that can be added to identify the service label. Maximum 10 unique tags of length 1024 each are allowed.

    type stringrequired

    Possible values: [CG_TRANSIT, NON_CG_TRANSIT, SASE]

    The network service type.

  • ]