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Get Audit Logs and ID for Tenant (v2.1)



List the audit logs for given tenant and audit log ID.


Path Parameters

    auditlog_id stringrequired

    The audit log ID.


Successful Operation

    esp_tenant_id string

    The audit log MSP tenant ID. Supported characters; = ^[a-z0-9]{1,50}$).

    id string

    The audit log ID.

    operator_id string

    The audit log operator ID. Supported characters; = ^[a-z0-9]{1,50}$).

    operator_tenant_id string

    The audit log tenant ID. Supported characters; = ^[a-z0-9]{1,50}$).

    request_body string

    The audit log request body.

    request_content_length int32

    The request content length.

    request_id stringrequired

    The audit log request ID.

    request_ts int64

    Request Ts

    request_type stringrequired

    The audit log request type (GET|POST|PUT|DELETE|PATCH)$).

    request_uri stringrequired

    The audit log request URL.

    resource_etag int64

    The audit log request Etag.

    resource_id string

    The audit log resource ID. Max length = 50.

    resource_key string

    The audit log resource key. Max length = 128.

    resource_version string

    The audit log resource version.

    response_body string

    The audit log response body.

    response_code int32

    Response Code

    response_content_length int32

    The audit log response content length.

    response_ts int64

    Response Ts

    sdwanapp_id string

    Sdwanapp Id: Length(max = 128, , min = 0)

    session_key_c string

    The audit log session key C. Max length = 128.

    source_ip string

    The audit log source IP address. Max length = 128.

    time_ms int64

    Time Ms