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Prisma SASE API Release Notes

These release notes identify API changes made for the various SASE services. In addition, you can see the following for information about non-API feature enhancements and known issues for SASE products:

See also the change log for information on all changes to this API documentation, some of which have occurred in between API product releases.

September 2023

Added Autonomous DEM APIs. Use the ADEM APIs to access the Autonomous Digital Experience Management summary, distribution and timeseries data, such as application score and agent scores.

Added examples that correlate fields in response structures to the area in the UI which displays that data.

For more information on AI-Powered Autonomous DEM, see AI-Powered Autonomous DEM.

April 2023

Added ZTNA Connector APIs.

Updated the Prisma Access Configuration APIs with a hotfix. The region_ipv6 object is no longer part of the payload for POST /sse/config/v1/mobile-agent/infrastructure-settings.

Added a usage note for the Unified Prisma SD-WAN APIs.

March 2023

The Prisma Access Configuration APIs are updated with new APIs and changes to existing APIs.

November 2022

Updated the Prisma Access Configuration API to include Mobile Agent (Global Protect) endpoints.

Late August 2022

Updates for the Aggregate Monitoring APIs:

August 2022

July 2022

  • First documentation release of the Prisma SD-WAN APIs.
  • Added shared-infrastructure-settings, internal-dns-servers, and service-connections endpoints to the Prisma Access Configuration APIs. These are grouped under Service Setup which is renamed from Remote Networks.
  • Removed the API Server Status APIs from Prisma Access Insights as they are not intended for customer consumption.

April 2022

The Prisma Access configuration APIs are updated with new URIs that begin with /sse. Where each API used to begin with /config/v1, now they begin begin with /sse/config/v1. For example, /config/v1/certificate-profiles is now /sse/config/v1/certificate-profiles.

The following configuration endpoints have changed:


Also, /sse/config/v1/config-versions/candidate:push formerly had a field devices in its request body. This is now folders.

The following new API is added:

Throughout the entire service, APIs that retrieve or edit a resource by ID now no longer support the folder query parameter. See, for example /sse/config/v1/addresses/{id}.

March 2022

First public release of the Prisma SASE APIs. This release provides support for tenant and identity management and role management, offers a common method for authentication and API access, subscription monitoring, Prisma Access configuration and aggregate monitoring.

This release supports Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs).