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Welcome to Prisma SASE

Prisma SASE offers a suite of cloud-delivered products that provide network configuration and network security services. This suite of software offers network security for an enterprise's users, no matter where they might be physically located, be it in the office or from a remote location.

The Prisma SASE APIs described here are intended to enable automation and integration solutions for Prisma SASE products and services.

Currently, Prisma SASE offers the following APIs:

Most of these APIs use a common authentication mechanism and base URL. See Get Started for details.

Prisma Access Insights, however, uses different mechanisms for authentication and base URL. See the Prisma Access Insights API overview for more information. The legacy Prisma SD-WAN APIs also use a different auth workflow and base URL than do the rest of the Prisma SASE APIs.

The use of these APIs are governed by the Palo Alto Networks End User License.