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List all tenant service groups



Get a list of all the tenant service groups that are available to the service account used to authenticate this request.


Query Parameters

    hierarchy boolean

    Indicates whether the response structure lists groups in their hierarchy, or as an array of TSGs without regard to hierarchy. Default is false (don't show hierarchy).

    If false, the order of the TSGs in the result array is not guaranteed.


Successful response.

    count integerrequired

    Total count of the items

    items object[]required
  • Array [
  • display_name string

    The tenant service group's display name.

    support_contact string

    The email address of the person or organization that should be contacted for support of this TSG.

    vertical string

    Possible values: [High Tech, Education, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Professional & Legal Services, Wholesale & Retail, Finance, Telecommunications, State & Local Government, Transportation & Logistics, Federal Government, Media & Entertainment, Nonclassifiable Establishments, Healthcare, Utilities & Energy, Insurance, Agriculture, Pharma & Life Sciences, Construction, Aerospace & Defense, Real Estate, Restaurant/Food Industry, Other]

    A token that identifies the business vertical supported by the SASE products managed by this TSG.

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