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Create an instance

Create an instance that is a child of the TSG identified in the access token used to authorize this request. That is, use this API to allocate a license to a child tenant.

Before you can allocate a license using this call, you must first manually claim or activate the license. How you do this is determined by whether you are a multitenant or single tenant user.

This API is asynchronous. It creates a provisioning job. You cannot configure your instance until the provisioning is complete. Use GET /subscription/v1/instances to check the instance's provisioning status.

Request Body

Payload for create instances action

  • oneOf

  • app_id string required

    Application name.

  • is_eula_accepted boolean required

    Specify True to accept the EULA.

  • region string required

    Identifies the region where this instance will be provisioned.

  • support_account_id string required

    The support account ID used for this free license.

  • support_account_name string required

    The support account used for this free license.



  • oneOf

  • job_id string
  • status string
  • tenant_id string
  • tenant_instance_name string