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List alert count



Retrieve an aggregated count of alerts across tenants.


Query Parameters

    agg_by string

    Must be tenant. Using the query parameter returns all the aggregated responses for the current parent tenant and its child tenants. If not used, the results for just the current tenant are returned.

    Example: tenant

Header Parameters

    X-PANW-Region string

    Must be one of the following: de, americas, europe, uk, sg, ca, jp, au, in. Returns details from the Cortex Data Lake (CDL) region specified. If no region is specified, the default response is americas CDL region.

    Example: americas


    filter objectrequired

    Resource count filter. Consists of a required operator and an array of rules objects.

    operator stringrequired

    Must be AND.

    rules object[]
  • Array [
  • operator string

    Filter operator that is one of the example values and is run on the property field

    property string

    Filter property field that is one of the example values

    values string[]

    Filter property value

  • ]
  • properties object[]required

    List of property json objects

  • Array [
  • alias string
    property string

    App summary property. See ResourceProperty.

  • ]