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List license quota



Retrieve an aggregated list of license quotas across tenants.


Query Parameters

    agg_by string

    Must be tenant. Using the query parameter returns all the aggregated responses for the current parent tenant and its child tenants. If not used, the results for just the current tenant are returned.

    Example: tenant

Header Parameters

    X-PANW-Region string

    Must be one of the following: de, americas, europe, uk, sg, ca, jp, au, in. Returns details from the Cortex Data Lake (CDL) region specified. If no region is specified, the default response is americas CDL region.

    Example: americas



    licenseDetails objectrequired

    Map of <Resource Name, License Details>, where Resource Name can be one of MU, RN, CDL

    property name* LicenseDetails
    expiry_ts int64required

    License expiry timestamp in UTC

    issue_ts int64required

    License issuance timestamp in UTC

    license_allocated_unit stringrequired

    Units which is Mbps or no units at all (for MU)

    license_units int32required

    Number of license units associated with the license

    sku stringrequired

    License Edition SKU

    sub_tenant_id stringrequired

    CDL Tenant Id

    support object

    Tenant Ids and Region info used for opening a support ticket

    cdl_tenant_id stringrequired

    CDL Tenant Id

    cdl_tenant_region stringrequired

    CDL Tenant Region

    fawkes_tenant_id stringrequired

    Fawkes Tenant Id

    fawkes_tenant_region stringrequired

    Fawkes Tenant Region

    pa_tenant_id stringrequired

    PA Tenant Id

    pa_tenant_region stringrequired

    PA Tenant Region

    panorama_tenant_id stringrequired

    Panorama Tenant Id

    panorma_tenant_region stringrequired

    Panorama Tenant Region

    tsg_id stringrequired

    TSG Id