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API Workflows

Prisma™ Cloud is a cloud-native security platform that provides comprehensive visibility, threat detection/prevention, compliance assurance, and data protection across an organization’s hybrid, multi-cloud infrastructure. It is available as either an Enterprise or Compute Edition, offering a convenient REST API for all three capabilities. For more information, see Prisma Cloud Enterprise Edition vs Compute Edition. If you are upgraded to Darwin, see Prisma Cloud Enterprise Edition vs Compute Edition.

  • Cloud Security enables you to configure custom integrations for your cloud security needs. For example, you can use it to automate sending alert notifications to your in-house tool or to extend the DevOps security capabilities for a tool that does not have an extension or plugin for Prisma Cloud. Most actions supported on the Prisma Cloud web interface are available with the REST API.

  • Runtime Security allows for automation and integration with other systems in your environment. Every functionality in the Console UI is exposed through the RESTful API. You can use the API for setup, configuration, monitoring, alerting, and data extraction.

  • Application Security enables you to programmatically check your Infrastructure-as-Code resources against Prisma Cloud out-of-the-box and custom security policies, ensuring security throughout the build lifecycle.

For information about Prisma Cloud beyond its APIs, such as administration and policy management, see the Prisma Cloud documentation.


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