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Update Template



Updates the template with the specified ID. The caller must have one of the following Prisma Cloud roles:

  • System Admin
  • Account and Cloud Provisioning Admin


Path Parameters

    prismaId stringrequired

    Prisma ID. Your Prisma ID is available either from the response object of your API request to log in or from the licensing information in the Prisma Cloud console.

    id stringrequired

    Template ID


    createdBy string

    User who created the notification template

    createdTs int64

    Creation Unix timestamp in milliseconds

    enabled boolean

    true = Enabled

    id string

    Notification template ID

    integrationId string

    Integration ID

    integrationType stringrequired

    Possible values: [email, jira, service_now]

    Integration type

    lastModifiedBy string

    User who modified template last

    lastModifiedTs int64

    Modification Unix timestamp in milliseconds

    name stringrequired

    Name. Cannot include special characters ('<', '>', '!', '=', '\n', '\r'). Maximum length is 99.

    templateConfig object
    property name* object[]
  • Array [
  • aliasField string

    Alias field

    displayName string

    Display name

    fieldName string

    Field name

    maxLength int32

    Maximum length

    options object[]
  • Array [
  • id string

    Field option ID

    key string

    Field option key

    name string

    Field option name

  • ]
  • redlockMapping boolean

    true = Prisma Cloud will provide the field value for notification

    required boolean

    true = Required

    type string

    Possible values: [list, text, array, bool, integer]

    Type of field

    typeaheadUri string

    URL used to query suggestions for field value

    value string

    Field value

  • ]