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Update Profile



Updates the current user's personal profile information.

This request supports four optional request body parameters, which you can see in the JSON example below:

"defaultRoleId": "",
"firstName": "",
"lastName": "",
"timeZone": "",

The red required labels in the request body schema below apply only when you create a new user profile, so the labels don't apply to this request.




Model containing user profile

    accessKeysAllowed boolean

    Access keys allowed

    activeRole object

    Model for User Profile Role Detail

    defaultRoleId stringrequired

    Default Role ID

    email stringrequired

    Email ID

    firstName stringrequired

    First name. Maximum length is 300 characters.

    lastName stringrequired

    Last name. Maximum length is 300 characters.

    roleIds string[]required

    Role IDs

    roles object[]

    All Role Info

  • Array [
  • ]
  • timeZone stringrequired

    Time zone (e.g. America/Los_Angeles)


successful operation