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Usage Count By Cloud Type V2



Get a full breakdown of resources used per account for selected cloud types in a paginated way.

By default, you will receive your paginated usage data in the response object. You can control the number of items in the response object through the limit request body parameter. If data beyond what's in the response object is available, the response object attribute nextPageToken will provide a token you can set in the request parameter pageToken of your next request to get the next page of usage data.



    accountIds string[]required

    List of account IDs

    limit int32

    Limit of items per request. Default is 1000.

    cloudTypes string[]

    List of cloud types

    timeRange object

    Model for TimeRangeConfig

    value object

    Model for RelativeTimeDuration

    unit string

    Possible values: [minute, hour, day, week, month, year, epoch, login, INVALID, minute, hour, day, week, month, year, epoch, login]

    Time unit

    amount int32

    Number of time units

    relativeTimeType string

    Possible values: [BACKWARD]

    pageToken string

    Page token for pagination

    offset int64



Table query paginated Api response.

    totalRows int32

    Total number of rows for the query

    stats object

    Statistics to be shown. This contains the total workload per resource type

    property name* int32

    Statistics to be shown. This contains the total workload per resource type

    items object[]

    List of items. Each item contains cloud account name and the workload count of resource type

  • Array [
  • account object
    name string
    id string
    cloudType string
    total int32
    resourceTypeCount object
    property name* int32
  • ]
  • nextPageToken string

    Token to be used for next page call

    planType string

    PlanType of the selected time range