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List User Roles

Returns an array of user roles.


successful operation

  • Array [
  • accountGroupIds string[]

    Accessible Account Group IDs

  • accountGroups object[]

    Associated Account Groups

  • additionalAttributes object

    Additional attributes of the the user role

  • hasDefenderPermissions boolean

    User has compute defender permissions

  • onlyAllowCIAccess boolean

    User can only use access keys to use Prisma Cloud. UI access will be unavailable.

  • onlyAllowComputeAccess boolean

    User can only access the Prisma Cloud Compute Console

  • associatedUsers string[]

    Associated application users which cannot exist in the system without the user role

  • codeRepositories object[]

    Associated Code Repositories

  • codeRepositoryIds string[]

    Accessible Code Repository IDs

  • description string


  • id string

    User Role ID

  • lastModifiedBy string

    Last Modified By

  • lastModifiedTs int64

    Last Modified Time

  • name string required


  • resourceListIds string[]

    Accessible Resource List IDs

  • resourceLists object[]

    Associated Resource Lists

  • restrictDismissalAccess boolean
  • roleType string required

    User Role Type (Default or Custom Permission Group Name).

  • ]