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List User Roles



Returns an array of user roles.


successful operation

  • Array [
  • accountGroupIds string[]

    Accessible Account Group IDs

    accountGroups object[]

    Associated Account Groups

    additionalAttributes object

    Additional attributes of the the user role

    hasDefenderPermissions boolean

    User has compute defender permissions

    onlyAllowCIAccess boolean

    User can only use access keys to use Prisma Cloud. UI access will be unavailable.

    onlyAllowComputeAccess boolean

    User can only access the Prisma Cloud Compute Console

    associatedUsers string[]

    Associated application users which cannot exist in the system without the user role

    codeRepositories object[]

    Associated Code Repositories

    codeRepositoryIds string[]

    Accessible Code Repository IDs

    description string


    id string

    User Role ID

    lastModifiedBy string

    Last Modified By

    lastModifiedTs int64

    Last Modified Time

    name stringrequired


    resourceListIds string[]

    Accessible Resource List IDs

    resourceLists object[]

    Associated Resource Lists

    restrictDismissalAccess boolean
    roleType stringrequired

    User Role Type (Default or Custom Permission Group Name).

  • ]