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Get Resource Snapshot


This endpoint has been deprecated and may be removed in future versions of the API.

Get the latest snapshot of the resource by using the Restricted Resource Name (RRN). To get the RRN, see Where Do I Find The RRN for My Resource?


Replacement  Endpoint: Get Asset

Query Parameters
    rrn string required

    Restricted Resource Name

    Example: rrn::storageBucket:us-east-1:123456789012:test-bucket


Successfully retrieved latest resource snapshots by RRN

  • Array [
  • customerName string

    Customer Name

    prismaId string

    Prisma ID

    cloudType string

    Cloud Account Type

    Possible values: [ALL, AWS, AZURE, GCP, ALIBABA_CLOUD, OCI, IBM]

    cloudAccountId string

    Cloud Account ID

    region string

    Region ID

    vpc string

    Virtual Private Cloud ID

    assetType string

    Type of the asset

    assetClass string

    Class of the asset

    assetCategory string

    Category of the asset

    cloudService string

    Cloud Service Type of the asset

    unifiedAssetId string

    Unified Asset ID

    rrn string

    Restricted Resource Name

    name string

    Resource Name

    resourceId string

    Resource ID

    cspUrl string

    Cloud Service Provider URL

    ingestedTime int64

    Ingestion time

    lastUpdatedTime int64

    Last updated time

    deletedTime int64

    Deleted time

    tags string

    Tags associated with the resource

    configJson string

    Latest config snapshot of the resource

  • ]