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List Folders of Parent (GCP)

For GCP only. List all the child folders of the given parent. A parent can be an organization resource or a folder resource.

The request body parameter is the content of the Service Account Key (JSON) file, which is required.

Path Parameters
  • cloud_type string required

    Possible values: [gcp]

    Cloud type

  • parent_id string required

    GCP parent ID

Query Parameters
  • nextPageToken string

    Token to request next page of folders

  • pageSize int32

    Page size. Valid range is 1-300 inclusive. A page size of 0 returns a nextPageToken but no folders.

  • parentType string required

    Possible values: [folders, organizations]

    Parent type

Request Body required

The content of the credentials object is the Service Account Key for your Google Cloud service account

  • cloudAccount object
  • accountId string required

    Organization resource ID if accountType is organization.

    Project ID if accountType is account or masterServiceAccount.

  • accountType string required

    Possible values: [account, masterServiceAccount, organization]

    Cloud Account Type.

    account: GCP Project

    organization: GCP Organization

    masterServiceAccount: Onboards all GCP projects that are accessible by the service account.

  • enabled boolean

    Enable or disable this account on Prisma Cloud.

    Default value: false

  • groupIds string[]

    List of Account Groups that must be mapped to this account. To get the account group ids,call List Account Groups API

  • name string required

    Account name for the GCP account that will be onboarded on Prisma Cloud. (must be unique)

  • projectId string

    ID of the project.

    Get the project ID from the credentials json file that is generated from the GCP Terraform template.

  • credentials object

    Add contents of the JSON file, which contains the credentials, that is generated from the GCP Terraform template.

  • auth_provider_x509_cert_url string
  • auth_uri string
  • client_email string
  • client_id string
  • client_x509_cert_url string
  • private_key string
  • private_key_id string
  • project_id string
  • token_uri string
  • type string


  • displayName string

    Display name

  • hasChild boolean

    true = Has child

  • id string

    Node ID

  • parent string


  • type string


    Node type