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List Paginated Inventory Objects at Level 4



Lists a paginated list of objects at L4 level. This is to fasten the response while listing the bucket objects



    detailed boolean


    fields string[]

    Array of specific fields to return

    filters object[]

    Filtering parameters.

    For filter names, refer to List Filters API.

    For filter values, refer to List filter suggestions.

    The only exception is resource.tagv2 filter name, provide filter value for it in the following format: "{"key":"'CustomerTagKey'","value":"'CustomerTagValue'"}"

  • Array [
  • name string


    operator string

    Possible values: [,2002:value =]


    value string


  • ]
  • groupBy string[]

    For asset or data inventory only. Group returned items by cloud.type, cloud.service, cloud.region, cloud.account, and/or resource.type

    limit int32required

    Records per page

    offset number

    The number of items to skip before selecting items to return. Default is zero

    orderBy object

    Sorting column and sort type

    asc boolean

    sort by ascending

    column string

    order by column name

    page int64required

    Page Number

    pageToken string

    Setting this pagination Token to the nextPageToken from a response object returns the next page of data

    searchTerm string

    search on objects

    sortBy string[]

    Array of sort properties. Append :asc or :desc to the key to sort by ascending or descending order respectively. Example sort properties are id:asc and timestamp:desc

    timeRange object

    See the Time Range Model for details.

    relativeTimeType string

    Possible values: [BACKWARD, FORWARD]

    Direction in which to count time. Default = BACKWARD

    type string
    value objectrequired

    Model for RelativeTimeDuration

    amount int32

    Number of time units

    unit string

    Possible values: [minute, hour, day, week, month, year]

    Time unit

    type stringrequired

    Possible values: [absolute, relative, to_now]

    Time type

    type string
    value objectrequired

    Model for Time

    endTime int64

    End timestamp

    startTime int64

    Start timestamp



    endTime int64

    End time of the record

    items object[]
  • Array [
  • accountId string

    Cloud account id

    accountName string

    Cloud account name

    alerts int64

    Total alerts

    assetId string

    Unified Asset Id

    cloudType string

    Cloud Type

    containerName string

    Container Name

    contentType string

    Object Content Type

    dataPatterns string[]

    List of Data Patterns

    dataProfiles string[]

    List of Data Profiles

    dssScannedTime int64

    Classification Scanned Time

    dssSnippetCreatedOn int64

    Snippets created on (unix timestamp)

    dssSnippetStatus string

    Snippets Status

    dssSnippetViewed boolean

    Snippets Viewed Status

    malware string

    Malware Result

    malwareObjects int64

    Total malware objects

    malwareScannedTime int64

    Malware Scanned Time

    metadataScannedTime int64

    Metadata Scanned Time

    objectAlerts string

    Object Alerts

    objectExposure string

    Object Exposure

    objectId string

    Object Id

    objectName string

    Object Name

    objectOwner string

    Object Owner

    objectPath string

    Object Path

    objectUrl string

    Object URL

    publicObjects int64

    Total public objects

    publicResource string

    List of public resources

    publicResources int64

    Total number of public resources

    regionName string

    Cloud region

    resourceExposure string

    Resource Exposure

    resourceName string

    Resource name

    resourceRrn string

    resource RRN

    resourceStatus boolean

    Resource status (true if active)

    rrn string

    object RRN

    sensitiveObjects int64

    Total sensitive objects

    serviceName string

    Service name

    totalObjects int64

    Total objects

    totalResources int64

    Total number of resources

  • ]
  • limit int64

    Total records per page

    page int64

    page number for the records

    startTime int64

    Start time of the record

    totalItems int64

    Total Items