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Credit allocation rule summary



Get credit allocation rule summary.



    timeRange object

    Time range for credit allocation rule request

    type stringrequired

    Possible values: [relative, absolute, to_now, from_now]

    One of 'relative', 'absolute', 'to_now', or 'from_now'

    value object

    Time range value for credit allocation rule request. For relative, provide an object with unit and amount fields. For absolute, provide an object with startTime and endTime fields. For to_now or from_now, provide a string time unit.

    unit string

    Possible values: [hour, day, week, month, year]

    Time unit when type=relative, to_now, or from_now. The unit 'week' is only supported when type=relative.

    amount int32

    Possible values: >= 1

    Number of time units when type=relative

    startTime int64

    Start time when type=absolute. startTime must be milli-seconds since epoch.

    endTime int64

    End time when type=absolute. endTime must be milli-seconds since epoch.



    purchased int32

    Purchased credits

    usage int32

    Credits used for the time period