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Get Cloud Account Status (Azure)

Lists the status of a Azure Cloud account. You can use this API to verify the status of the security capabilities which you will be onboarding on Prisma Cloud.

Request Body
    clientId string required

    Application (Client) ID

    cloudAccount object required
    accountId string required

    Organization resource ID if accountType is organization.

    Project ID if accountType is account or masterServiceAccount.

    accountType string required

    Possible values: [account, masterServiceAccount, organization]

    Cloud Account Type.

    account: GCP Project

    organization: GCP Organization

    masterServiceAccount: Onboards all GCP projects that are accessible by the service account.

    enabled boolean

    Enable or disable this account on Prisma Cloud.

    Default value: false

    groupIds string[]

    List of Account Groups that must be mapped to this account. To get the account group ids,call List Account Groups API

    name string required

    Account name for the GCP account that will be onboarded on Prisma Cloud. (must be unique)

    projectId string

    ID of the project.

    Get the project ID from the credentials json file that is generated from the GCP Terraform template.

    defaultAccountGroupId string

    Required only for accountType: tenant.

    This is the Default Account Group ID for the Azure Tenant and its Management Groups/Subscriptions.

    environmentType string required

    Possible values: [azure, azure_gov, azure_china]

    • azure - Commercial deployment type. Applicable for Prisma Commercial and Government stacks

    • azure_gov - Government deployment type. Applicable for Prisma Commercial and Government stacks..

    • azure_china - Applicable for Prisma China Stack.

    features object[]

    Features to be enabled and/ or disabled. To get a list of all the supported features, call Fetch Supported Features endpoint

  • Array [
  • name string

    Feature name obtained from Fetch Supported Features endpoint

    state string

    Possible values: [enabled, disabled]

    Feature state. Whether to be enabled or disabled

  • ]
  • hierarchySelection object[]

    Required only for accountType: tenant.

    Include or Exclude a list of Azure Management Groups and Azure Subscriptions to onboard under this Tenant.

  • Array [
  • displayName string

    To get the display name of resource, Refer List Children of Parent.

    aws: List Children of Parent (AWS)

    gcp: List Children of Parent (GCP). Display name is the organization name if nodeType is ORG

    azure: List Children of Parent (Azure)

    nodeType string


    Member account node type. Supported values based on cloud type:

    aws: ORG, OU, or ACCOUNT

    gcp: ORG, FOLDER, or PROJECT


    resourceId string

    To get the list of resource IDs and its details, Refer List Children of Parent.

    aws: List Children of Parent (AWS)

    gcp: List Children of Parent (GCP)

    azure: List Children of Parent (Azure)

    selectionType string

    Possible values: [ALL, INCLUDE, EXCLUDE]

    Organization Member accounts Selection type.

    ALL: Include the resource and all its children

    INCLUDE: Include the specified resource

    EXCLUDE: Exclude the specified resource

  • ]
  • key string required

    Application key/client secret

    monitorFlowLogs boolean

    If set to true, it ingests Network Security Group Flow Logs to Prisma Cloud

    rootSyncEnabled boolean

    Applicable only for accountType: tenant

    In order to onboard the tenant and its associated management groups and subscriptions, rootSyncEnabled must be set to true

    servicePrincipalId string

    Service Principal ID

    tenantId string required

    Directory (Tenant) ID


successful operation

  • Array [
  • id string
    name string
    status string
    statusMessage object
    message string
    staticMessage boolean
  • ]