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Get Data Security Config (AWS Org)




This endpoint has been deprecated and may be replaced or removed in future versions of the API.

Returns the data security configuration for the AWS Organization with the specified account ID.


Path Parameters

    accountId stringrequired

    AWS account ID



    accountId string

    AWS account ID

    masterCftLandingPage stringrequired

    AWS master CFT landing page

    masterCftTemplate stringrequired

    AWS member CFT template

    masterCftUrl stringrequired

    AWS master CFT URL

    masterExternalId stringrequired

    AWS master external ID, which establishes trust between your Prisma Cloud and AWS accounts

    masterRoleArn stringrequired

    AWS master role ARN for your Prisma Cloud role

    memberCftTemplate stringrequired

    AWS member CFT template

    memberCftUrl stringrequired

    AWS member CFT URL

    memberExternalId stringrequired

    AWS member external ID

    memberRoleName stringrequired

    AWS member role name

    scanOption stringrequired

    Possible values: [Full, Custom]

    Scan option

    snsEndpointUrl stringrequired

    SNS subscription URL

    snsTopicArn stringrequired

    SNS topic ARN for notification of storage object changes

    storageUUID stringrequired

    Storage UUID