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Get Asset Filters



Returns the list of supported asset filters and their values. You can use these filters and their values on other APIs to fetch the required assets.



    serviceTypes string[]

    List of service types

    cloudTypes string[]

    Possible values: [AWS, GCP, AZURE, ALIBABA_CLOUD]

    List of cloud types

    assetTypes string[]

    Possible values: [Domain, ResponsiveIP]

    List of asset types

    snoozeStatus string[]

    Possible values: [SNOOZED, ACTIVE]

    List of snooze status

    accountMappingStatus string[]

    Possible values: [MAPPED, UNMAPPED]

    Mapped indicates that the asset is connected to a parent account or organizational unit (OU) on Prisma Cloud, whereas unmapped signifies that the asset is not associated with any parent account or OU on Prisma Cloud.