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Get All Anomaly Settings



Returns all anomaly settings. The response object is a list of policy IDs, and anomaly settings are returned with each policy ID.


Query Parameters

    type stringrequired

    Specify type of Anomaly whose settings are needed

    Example: Network, UEBA, DNS


Successful operation

    property name* AnomaliesSettings

    Model for Anomaly Settings Request

    alertDisposition string

    Possible values: [Aggressive, Moderate, Conservative]

    Alert Disposition Setting

    trainingModelThreshold string

    Possible values: [Low, Medium, High]

    Training Model Threshold

    policyName string

    Policy name

    policyDescription string

    Policy description

    alertDispositionDescription object

    Alert disposition description

    property name* string

    Alert disposition description

    trainingModelDescription object

    Training model description

    property name* string

    Training model description