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List Account Groups

Returns an array of accessible account groups.

Query Parameters
    excludeCloudAccountDetails boolean

    true = Exclude cloud account details. Default is false.


successful operation

  • Array [
  • accountIds string[] required

    Cloud Account IDs

    alertRules object[]

    Singly associated alert rules which cannot exist in the system without the account group

  • Array [
  • alertId string
    alertName string
  • ]
  • cloudAccountInfos object[]

    Cloud account details of account associated with this account group

  • Array [
  • accountId string

    Account ID

    cloudType string

    Possible values: [ALL, AWS, AZURE, GCP, ALIBABA_CLOUD, OCI, OTHER]

    Cloud Type

    lastModifiedBy string

    Last Modified By

  • ]
  • description string


    name string required


    parentInfo object

    For future use

    autoCreated boolean

    Boolean to indicate if account group is automatically created

    id string

    Account Group ID

    name string required


  • ]