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Generate and Download the Terraform template (Azure)



Generates the Azure Terraform template. The generated Terraform template includes the permissions based on selected features. The terraform template can be used to create an app registration and required roles on the Azure Portal.

Note: This feature is available only for Prisma Commercial and Government stacks.


Header Parameters

    x-redlock-auth any

    x-redlock-auth token should be used for U2S API call


    accountType stringrequired

    Possible values: [account, tenant]

    Cloud account type.

    account = Azure Subscription

    tenant = Azure Tenant

    subscriptionId string

    Required field for accountType: account.

    Azure Subscription ID

    tenantId stringrequired

    Azure Directory (Tenant) ID

    rootSyncEnabled boolean

    Applicable only for accountType: tenant

    In order to onboard the account type tenant and its associated management groups and subscriptions, rootSyncEnabled must be set to true

    features string[]

    Features for which the permissions should be generated and included in the template.

    To get a list of all the supported features, call Get Supported Features endpoint

    deploymentType string

    Possible values: [azure, azure_gov]

    Applicable only for Prisma Commercial and Government stacks

    azure = Commercial deployment type

    azure_gov = Government deployment type


Template Generated Successfully