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Generate and Download the GCP Terraform Template

Generate the GCP Terraform template. The generated Terraform template includes the permissions based on selected features.

Request Body required
  • accountType string required

    Possible values: [account, organization, masterServiceAccount]

    Cloud Account Type

    account: GCP Project

    organization: GCP Organization

    masterServiceAccount: Onboards all GCP projects that are accessible by the service account

  • projectId string required

    ID of your GCP project that must be onboarded.

    Applicable only if accountType is account or masterServiceAccount.

  • orgId string required

    ID of the GCP organization to be onboarded.

    Applicable only if the accountType is organization

  • flowLogBucket string

    Cloud Storage Bucket name that stores the flow logs.

    Required only if you want to enable flow logs and associate required permissions for the flow logs bucket

  • authenticationType string required

    Possible values: [service_account]

    service_account: Service Account Key

    Default value: service_account

    Authentication mode used by Prisma Cloud to authenticate with GCP.

  • features string[]

    Features for which the permissions should be generated and included in the template. To get a list of all the supported features, see Get Supported Features endpoint


Template Generated Successfully