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Generate and Download the Terraform Template (GCP)



Generate the GCP Terraform template. The generated Terraform template includes the permissions based on selected features.



    accountType stringrequired

    Possible values: [account, organization, masterServiceAccount]

    Cloud Account Type

    account: GCP Project

    organization: GCP Organization

    masterServiceAccount: Onboards all GCP projects that are accessible by the service account

    projectId stringrequired

    ID of your GCP project that must be onboarded.

    Applicable only if accountType is account or masterServiceAccount.

    orgId stringrequired

    ID of the GCP organization to be onboarded.

    Applicable only if the accountType is organization

    flowLogBucket string

    Cloud Storage Bucket name that stores the flow logs.

    Required only if you want to enable flow logs and associate required permissions for the flow logs bucket

    authenticationType stringrequired

    Possible values: [service_account]

    service_account: Service Account Key

    Default value: service_account

    Authentication mode used by Prisma Cloud to authenticate with GCP.

    features string[]

    Features for which the permissions should be generated and included in the template. To get a list of all the supported features, see Get Supported Features endpoint


Template Generated Successfully